Lanyang Plains one day tour

Time for Taiwan
Welcome to TAIWAN, I am Poyu Lin ,I love to travel,love wandering around Taiwan
Summer is here, hat means it・s time to head to the beach!
Located in eastern Taiwan, Yilan has a wealth of maritime resources in the seas off its 101 kilometers of coastline. There・s one spot along its coast called Toucheng, where you can get to know the ocean in countless different ways.
This is Wushi Harbor. If you・re not scared of seasickness, you can take boats from here out to sea and go whale-watching.
After undergoing renovation, Wushi Harbor became Yilan・s first multi-purpose harbor for tourism. Even better, a beach formed along the north part of its newly built seawall, an unexpected gift that has turned into a summer hotspot for water sports and tourism.
Now, you won・t have to go to Kenting if you like to surf, here is Taiwan・s another surfing paradise.
Because here beach is so longer,so sometimes the waves is very good,so is for beginners,for surfers is a very nice place
The Yilan County government has dedicated an entire street along the seaside to accommodating visiting surfers. Whether you・re just passing through or spending more time there, it・s easy to get a sense of its carefree vacation vibe.
Summer is here, so that means it・s time to eat icy treats!
Toucheng has a really special dessert called popiah-wrapped ice cream. Inside a delicate yet chewy Taiwanese-style popiah, there are two scoops of ice cream sprinkled with peanut powder and coriander.
I・ve never had this kind of ice cream before!
It's like eating burritos, but feeling is ice cream.It・s chewy and cool, really tasty!
Toucheng Ocean Culture Park is home to Lanyang Museum, an architectural marvel designed and built over a period of 18 years. Finally opened in 2010, the museum shows off the unique culture of Yilan.
The inspiration for the museum・s triangular design came from the unique uneven contour of a special type of mountain ridge common in northeastern Taiwan. If you look at it from afar, the building even resembles a small island rising out of the ocean, in what is seen as a special nod to Turtle Island which lies off in the distance.
Turtle Island is one of Yilan・s major landmarks. It was even chosen by the popular foreign travel website :When on Earth; as one of the world・s 12 coolest islands, because of its shape resembling a swimming tortoise.
The exhibitions at Lanyang Museum are divided up into sections about mountains, plains, and the sea, all big parts of Yilan・s natural landscape. Panoramas give an intimate sense of the region・s history while providing details about the lives of its inhabitants. It・s the easiest way to get to know Yilan.
The pretty of Yilan, you should definitely come experience by yourself. I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Ciao~see you next time.



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