Tainan Art one day tour

Welcome to TAIWAN, I am Poyu Lin
I love to travel,love wandering around Taiwan
Today, we・ve prepared a rich art feast for you. Let・s go!
Welcome to Chimei Museum. This is a museum built by Mr. Wen-Long Shi. And Mr. Shi, when he was a kid, he often went to this museum near his house. So he made a wish. One day when he grows up and he has the ability and the capacity to do it.
The Chimei Museum in Tainan・s Rende District is the largest of any private museum in Taiwan and has the most extensive collection. Before 2008, the site of the museum was just sugar cane fields as far as the eye could see. Wen-long Shi built the museum here hoping that the area・s sugar cane farmers wouldn・t have to travel the world to appreciate art.
This fountain of Apollo is a copy of one at the Versailles Palace in France. Louis the Fourteenth used lead, but this one at the Chimei Museum was done in marble from Mount Carrara in Italy.
The Museum has put its fountain of Apollo near its entrance not only to welcome visitors, but also out of a hope that this god of the arts will forever protect its many artistic works. Its complex of buildings and gardens was built at a cost of NT$2 billion and was designed exclusively in classical Greek and Roman styles. That・s why it・s been called the Versailles of Taiwan.
To ensure a better experience, the museum only allows limited number of visitors per day. If you want to tour the Chimei Museum, remember to book in advance.
The museum covers an area of about 427000 square feet, the main exhibition hall, for example. The Chimei Museum is proudest of its collection of musical instruments.
Its fine arts collection also boasts a range of famous western works from the 13th to the 20th century.
The Rodin Gallery has a selection of works by Auguste Rodin, the famous 19th century French sculptor, as well as works by his teachers, peers, and assistants.
The Natural History and Fossil hall has about 1000 preserved animal specimens.
It・s very rare to see this kind of huge polar bear specimen, It・s also must see animal star at Chimei Museum.
The museum・s collection of arms and armor contains antique weapons from across the world. It・s the most extensive collection of its kind in all of Asi
One trip to the Chimei Museum, with its extensive collections and epic architecture, will move you in a way that you won・t soon forget.
There・s always a sugar factory next to sugar cane fields. But instead of sugar, this one now makes dreamsK
In 2007, after nearly 100 years of operation, the storehouses of this sugar factory were transformed into a center for drumming. That・s how Asia・s first international drumming community was born.
Taiwanese are familiar with drums from a young age. Let me show you some of my own drumming skills!
Not bad, right? If you have a chance, you should definitely experience it for yourself.I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Ciao~see you next time.