99 Taijiang Route(2)

Welcome to TAIWAN, I am Poyu Lin ,I love to travel,love wandering around Taiwan
If buildings are musical notes, then the city of Tainan is truly a stunning concerto of many wonderful songs.
The Taiwan Tourist Shuttles 99 Taijiang Route is the conductor・s baton for the Tainan concerto. The first movement in the concerto is the grand and dignified former district court building, which is now a museum.
Completed in 1914 during the Japanese colonial period, the Tainan District Court was designed in the Western Classical Housing Style by renowned Japanese architect Matsunosuke Moriyama. The Presidential Office in Taipei is another one of his works.
This type of roof is called a mansard roof. If you・re curious like me, you can go to the service desk and reserve an opportunity to head upstairs and check it out.
Popular in Europe during the 19th century, the mansard roof was a favorite of Japanese architects during Taiwan・s time under Japanese rule. The roof is around one story tall and dotted with circular dormer windows for air circulation. Inside, wooden walkways make the space easy to manage and accessible for visitors.
So interesting! Didn・t know that the phantom from the Phantom of the Opera hid in this sort of space?
It・s a guarantee that those interested in architecture won・t be able to get their fill of the majestic museum in just one day. Besides the architecture itself, you can also see the court rooms, a memorable experience.
The Tainan second concerto・s movement is the tranquil and graceful Wu Garden.
Having made a fortune in the salt business, Tainan・s Wu family built this Southern Min-style garden around 1828. At the time, it was recognized as one of Taiwan・s four most famous gardens. Unfortunately, because of the changing times, the size of today・s Wu Garden is less than a fourth of what it was in those days.
This huge building looming over Wu Garden is a department store. This clash of old and new has its own type of charm.
Although there・s only a miniature mountain, a pond, a pavilion, a rock passageway, and a Southern Min-style building left in today・s Wu Garden, it・s still enough to let visitors imagine the luxury of the original grounds built by the Wu family.
Tainan has been called the gourmet capital of Taiwan. Even if you・re not hungry, there・s a special snack sold around Wu Garden that will entice you.
xiaolongbao is must-eat for any tourist in Taiwan, but the xiaolongbao at this restaurant is very unique , they・re steamed with pine needles. I・m going to try some out.
MmmmKthe soup and the filling are both fresh and delicious. Really tasty!
The third movement of the Tainan concerto is this European-looking building. Though it・s not an historical site and doesn・t have any story behind it, it・s been called Taiwan・s most beautiful government building. The offices inside contain the first Tainan City Service Center of the National Immigration Agency.
Tainan is a really beautiful place. If you have the chance, you should definitely come and check it out for yourself. I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Ciao~ see you next time.