88 Anping Route

Welcome to TAIWAN, I am Poyu Lin.
I love to travel,love wandering around Taiwan. if you are a travel junkie like me, let me know, What・s your favorite place in Taiwan?
I love Tainan
When touring Tainan, you can・t miss out on the historic sites or the delicious local food.
If you・re looking for an easy one day tour, look no further than the Taiwan Tour Bus・s Number 88 line to Anping.
Tainan is rich in history. It served as the capital of Taiwan for over 200 years during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. But the first people to build a castle here were the Dutch
In 1624, Dutch colonists built Fort Zeelandia here in Anping. Today, only a small part of the fort・s original walls still remain, marking an important historical legacy.
Today, Anping Fort is a tourist mecca. Its iconic white tower is a classic spot for visitors to take pictures and :check in; on social media.
Besides building the first fort in Taiwan, Dutch settlers also built the island・s first street, now called Yanping Old Street
Yanping Old Street has also changed with the times. Now, people come for the many famous local delicacies sold here
I・m eating oyster rolls. Now I will like dip some wasabi and condensed soy sauce
Crispy and yummy! the oyster filling is so delicious!
There・s another major historic site in Anping that you can・t miss. the Eternal Golden Castle Built in 1874, the Eternal Golden Castle was Taiwan・s first modern, western-style artillery battery
The Armstrong cannons that were stationed here reportedly weighed 18,000 kilograms each. The ones here now are replicas, but they・re still enough to scare someone.
The huge cannons at Eternal Golden Castle served to deter attackers, but after the castle had completed its original mission, it was abandoned. Now, after a period of rebuilding and renovation, its old splendor has returned, together with several newer touches.
This is the :cannon show; that the Eternal Golden Castle puts on for tourists. But it only happens on weekends, during opening hours on the hour.
There are so many captivating stories about Anping from so long ago. In 1867, Anping was forcibly opened to foreign trade. People came from all over the world to do business here, and Tait and Company was the biggest of the five major foreign trading firms working here
The building is really unique, but it・s the company・s old warehouse that actually attracts the most visitors. Don・t believe me? Come take a look!
See? Doesn・t it remind you of Angkor Wat?
Over half a century of disuse, banyan trees have completely taken over the warehouse. It was only after the government set up the Anping Harbor National Historic Scenic Area.It・s unique and remarkable piece of living art was restored and opened up to the public
The Anping Tree House has a mysterious charm that just can・t be put into words. If you have the chance, you should definitely come and experience it for yourself. I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Ciao<see you next time.



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