Southwest Coast Route

Welcome to TAIWAN, I am Poyu Lin.
I love to travel,love wandering around Taiwan.
I・m in Chiayi!
This is where the world・s biggest high heels are!
And it・s also where Taiwan・s freshest oysters can be found!
Join me on the Taiwan Shuttle Bus Southwest Coast Route for a trip full of surprises!
On Chiayi County・s western sea coast, there・s a small town called Budai,which first sprung up in the 1600s. Through the centuries, this fishing village has managed to retain its simple charm.
These fields along the ocean aren・t used to plant crops. Locals refer to the stuff produced here as :white gold!;
This :white gold; is actually sea salt, which the people of Budai have been making under the sun for more than 200 years. But relying on the weather to make salt like this couldn・t beat out machines to do the same job, and Budai・s salt fields were forced out of business in 2001.
Now I・m going to try carrying salt. The trick is to relax your body, and not to think about the pain in your shouldersK. Here I go!
Luckily, the efforts of locals helped bring salt mountains back to the salt fields of Budai, this time as a tourist attraction combining exhibits on culture and ecological education.
Heavy,it・s too Heavy,man!
Budai is an ideal place for a more in-depth tour. One activity that comes highly recommended is taking a boat out to sea from the town・s fishing harbor.
I am on the board right now, today I・m Join the tour with students, I am so exciting about what I・m going to see later.
The waters off Budai are clean and rich in algae, perfect for raising large, delicious oysters. We・re learning all kinds of new things from the expert introductions provided on our seaborne classroom.
These are the aquatic pastures of Budai・s fishermen, who raise Taiwan・s freshest oysters in these bamboo pens.
Our trip out to the wetlands of the Haomei Village Nature Reserve has been a huge thrill, with lots of new and interesting experiences
What I・m wearing is used as a tool by fishermen to dig up clams. Raking it through the sand like this, you know you・ve found one when it makes a sound like :ka-la.;
Even with the right tools, it turns out today wasn・t my day, and I didn・t get any. But I・m not giving up, and I・ve decided to try out another method
Now I・m going to get some clams.They say you can find it・s at under the ground 5-10 centimetre.So let's try it
Ya,I・m found one! Isn・t it pretty.
Off the coast of Budai, there・s another much-talked-about spot, which is The Glass Shoe Church. It had become of Taiwan・s most popular picture spots, even before it was opened.
It・s really~ really pretty.
Though it・s called a church, it・s not really a religious venue, but just an art installation made out of glass mounted on a steel frame. In 2016, Guinness World Records named it the world・s largest high heel-shaped structure, an award that generated over 300 stories in the foreign media.
We・ve had a great time taking in the traditional and modern charm of Budai. If you have the chance, you should definitely come and see it for yourself.I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Ciao<see you next time.