Douliu Gukeng Shuttle Bus

Welcome to TAIWAN, I am Poyu Lin
I love to travel,love wandering around Taiwan
This is Yunlin!
This is also Yunlin!
This is Yunlin here too!
If you don・t want to drive your own car or join a tour group, the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service is a great way to get around. In Yunlin, the shuttles run on two routes. The one I・m taking today is the Douliu Gukeng route, which passes through a bunch of fun places.
Yunlin・s Douliu has a pretty famous attraction that・s hidden along the city・s quiet Yunzhong Street. Built in 1937 during the Japanese colonial period, this complex was used as housing for the city・s police force, before it was redeveloped as a village for creative industry.
Before, my only impressions of old-style black vinyl records all came from movies and TV shows. But today, I・ve got the chance to listen to and experience their special sound firsthand.
Nostalgia is a funny thing. In the right surroundings, you can get a sense of a place・s unique history, no matter where you・re from or whether you lived through that era. This is the kind of place that can let you feel like you・re really taking a step back into the past.
This is Huashan Coffee Street. Take a look at all the shop signs. I think this street must have the world・s highest concentration of coffee shops.
In terms of climate and environment, Yunlin・s Gukeng Township is highly suited to growing coffee.
I・ve never tested coffee cherry before.
It・s sweet and teste like a jujube.
It・s been said that both English and Dutch settlers used to grow coffee here. In 1931, the Japanese started large-scale cultivation of the Arabica variety of coffee beans in Gukeng, shipping most of their production back to Japan.
After harvesting,coffee cherries need to be spread out in the sun.This is called dry processing.
Up until the last decade or so, coffee-drinking wasn・t common in Taiwan, and Gukeng・s coffee fields were left unplanted during periods of low demand. Then, in 2003, the Gukeng Township office started holding the yearly :Taiwan Coffee Festival,; which proved a success in popularizing coffee among Taiwanese. The festival also made Yunlin・s Gukeng synonymous with the drink.
I・m not a coffee expert, so I can・t really make out the fruity notes that they mention. But I really like the taste!
Aside from being a place to drink coffee, Huashan Coffee Street has over 14 themed walking itineraries, which you can take to discover all kinds of surprises.
Wow! Look at that! So cool!
Mushroom-shaped structures like these were actually used as storehouses for grain back in the day. To preserve some idea of what Gukeng used to look like, one person designed these buildings to resemble the town・s old-fashioned granaries.
In Yunlin, the agricultural base of central Taiwan, you can see a different side of Taiwan. If you get the opportunity, you should definitely come and take a look.
I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Ciao<see you next time.



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