Xitou Route

Welcome to TAIWAN, I am Poyu Lin
I love to travel,love wandering around Taiwan
Don・t think I am in Japan, here is the Xitou
The shuttle・s Xitou Route leaves from Taichung and takes about an hour and a half to arrive in Xitou.
Located in Nantou County・s Lugu Township, Xitou is a rugged district, its lowest point around 500 meters above sea level and it・s mountains rising to more than 2000 meters.
Welcome to Sitou nature education area,and we provide variety of trials for visitors to come here to wander around, as soon as you come in here, you'll feel the fresh air here and you'll enjoy it, just like forest bathing
Unlike Taiwan・s forest recreation areas, Xitou is actually a :nature education area; managed by National Taiwan University.
Because of the National Taiwan University this pond is called University Pond. You can・t say you been here unless you taken a photo here.
Under its mission as a nature education area, Xitou forest authorities built a 180-meter-long Skywalk to let visitors observe nature from a different angle.
Im at the highest point of the skywalk. It is 23 meters from the ground. Tell you the truth it is kind scary if you look down.
Mist curls among these fragrant pines, just some of the many rare plants growing inside the park. Just deeply breathing in all the wonderful forest smells here is an experience like no other.
Keep your eyes wide open and don't think I just travelled though space. See does here look like Japan?
It feels like somewhere in Japan, but this place is actually the famous Monster Village. Thanks to a highly successful marketing campaign, visitors to the market street often feel like they・re stepping into a whole other world.
You must be careful walking around here,because monsters will come and scare you at any time!
Monster Village is full of surprises and novelties.
Let me introduce you,this is Kumar,and this is Badou!
Hi,How are you?
The food, drinks, and entertainment here are all eye-opening, while pop-up performances keep visitors hanging on every moment.
I just drew a number ball to ask the gods for advice.
I asked forK It・s a secret. If it is favorable the gods will knock the gong,but If it・s not he will knock the Temple block. So looking forward to it!
Yes! I knew it!
The allure of Monster Village is only enhanced come nighttime, when old-style lanterns cast a beguiling glow on its buildings. It・s a totally different feeling when you・re winding your way in and out of the shadows, discovering a new and different inspiration around every corner.
Xitou is fun place, when you get the chance you must come and experience what it has to offer.I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Chow~see You next time.



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