Jiji & Shuili Tour

Welcome to TAIWAN, I am Poyu Lin
I love to travel,love wandering around Taiwan
Today we are going to experience the fascinating atmosphere of some of Taiwan・s smaller towns.
This is Jiji!
The Taiwan Tour Bus provides a lot of options when travelling to Nantou. For those in need of a dose of nostalgia, Jiji is just the place to visit.
Jiji is one of Taiwan・s Top 10 towns for tourists. Its main attraction is this hundred-year-old train station built out of cypress wood. The train station was damaged during the Jiji earthquake in 1999, but renovations have restored its former glory .
This SL22 steam locomotive will set train lovers punching their camera. Even although the locomotive is inactive you can still hear its sound and it is not difficult thing.
Near the station, there・s a 4.5-kilometer-long section of road that・s lined on both sides by thousands of camphor trees. The so-called green tunnel is famous throughout Taiwan, and both walking and cycling along it are great ways to experience its charm.
Isn・t it a great feeling.
Now we are at Shuili!
Before the age of plastic, almost everyone in Taiwan came here to buy ceramic pots for storing water. All the ceramics here were made in this kiln, called the snake kiln. It・s been called the oldest operating kiln in Taiwan.
This is our snake kiln, it・s already form 1927 so sofar 90 years old,then you can see long body shape like a snake,so we call it snake kiln.
Ok. So how long is this snakekiln?
It・s 31.8 meters
Due to the kiln・s many years of operation, its interior walls have taken on a strange color. This kiln is pretty much retired; these days, it・s only used to fire pieces for ceramics artists in the area.
The last stop of Jiji line is Checheng. There is another little town with a story of its own.
During the Japanese period it was a transfer point for cane sugar, and later on it became a center for logging. Now, it's a hot tourist destination where visitors can get a glimpse of its multilayered history.
I don't know why, but when I see these tracks I just want to jump and walk on it. Kinda feels romantic.
Only a small section of these tracks are open to the public, so visitors should pay attention to notices and listen to the instructions from station attendants.
I think, yep, competition you win, Where are you from?
How do you think about checheng?
It's old. railway line, coal trains, timber. Interesting
Ok! Thank you!
You're welcome.
Look at these railway bento boxes, they are round and made out of wood. They did a good job in combination the characteristic of the history here.
Jiji, Checheng, and Shuili are great places for a really in-depth travel experience. If you get the chance, you should really come visit.
I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Chow<see you next time.



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