Qingjing&Lishan Tour

Welcome to TAIWAN, I am Poyu Lin
I love to travel,love wandering around Taiwan
This is the highest point all highway in Taiwan!
This is the most beautiful grassland in Taiwan!
Let・s jump on the Taiwan Tour Bus and go travel!
Welcome to join us Taiwan Tour Bus, to reach QingJing Farm
Our main route this trip will be Provincial Highway 14, Taiwan・s only highway which runs to an altitude of more than 3000 meters. The views along the road are fantastic. The route is a fixture on the bucket lists of many motorcycle and bike enthusiasts.
Wuling is the peak of this highway, peaking at 3275 meters. I・ve cycled here before, it was very very tiring!
You・ll almost regret blinking while taking in the stunning mountain views from Wuling Peak. All the big names on the map, like Hehuanshan, Qilai Mountain, and Nanhu Mountain, are right in front of your eyes.
Look at my backpack,you see what I brought, snacks,they all puffed, isn・t it interesting?
The difference in pressure has caused these vacuum-packed snacks to puff up, but I・ve brought them anyway, to help me take in the mountain scenery.
Time for Taiwan.
QingJing Farm is another famous destination on Provincial Highway 14. Green Green Grassland is one of the farm・s most popular attractions.
It is so beautiful here, but unfortunately you not allowed picnicking here. Since we can・t eat lets feed these sheeps. They look so hungry man<
Blue skies, white clouds, and an endless expanse of grass create an enchanting atmosphere. It・s hard not to fall in love with QingJing.
During the weekend at Green Green Grassland you can see more famous show here, :sheep-shearing show;
This popular sheep-shearing show is just one of the events that you can find at Green Green Grassland on the weekends. The range of performances give visitors even more memories to take back from their trip.
Hello Grant, How long you be here Taiwan?
Be in Taiwan all the getKI have 20 years,21 years
So why,do you come here?
Because it・s like New Zealand, When i first time here, I love the farm, such beautiful grassland, because I am a farmer, I'm from New Zealand, It's like my home,so I love them
If you・re not taken by the sheep shearing, there・s a bed and breakfast in the area where the owner raises many beautiful horses. Guests at the B&B can even experience the pleasure of riding the horses along tree-lined mountain trails.
Before riding it・s a good idea to be on the good side of the horse. Hi Amigo~
Although my horse riding skills aren・t good enough to let me gallop freely across the grasslands of QingJing, the simple pleasures of riding on horseback while admiring the mountain views and feeling the cool breeze from 1800 meters above sea level is already enough to make many envious.
I have experienced lots of new things at QingJing. When you get the chance you must come and try it out. I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Chow<see you next time.



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