Sun Moon Lake Route(2)

Taiwan is the Heart of Asia. Where is the Heart of Taiwan?
Welcome to TAIWAN, I am Poyu Lin ,I love to travel,love wandering around Taiwan
NOW we are taking the Taiwan Tourist Shuttles to a lovely little town called Puli!
You can use the three W・s describe; Weather, Women, and Water. It has wonderful weather, beautiful women, and crystal clear waters.
Puli is where the waters from many springs in the Central Mountains converge. Ailan, outside of Puli, has especially clear and sweet mineral water, which Puli Winery uses to brew Shao-Hsing Wine. The wine was such a hit that the beverage has become a byword for Puli.
Shao-Hsing is a amber colour rice wine,actually I never tasted it before,
It has a very uniquee.
I think people who are more elderly would like this.
Shao-Hsing Wine is made with sticky rice, Calrose rice, and wheat. Those that don・t drink can still try it as an ingredient in various foods, or visit Taiwan・s first venue dedicated to drinking culture.
Besides wine Another interesting thing you can use the water to make is this! That・s right, paper!
Puli・s handmade paper industry goes back to the end of the Qing Dynasty, when bamboo and straw were used to make a very coarse type of paper.
In Japanese occupation,they found Puli have pure water.So they be set here many factories to make paper.Because the clean water,it make the paper won't become yellow, hard, and broken.So the artests can put their works a long time.
In 1980・s was the peak of the handmade paper industry in Puli, but because of advances in technology, there・s only a few firms left to preserve and pass on this cultural legacy.
There are all types of DIY course. I am making a Stone rubbing.
Here, tourists can make and play with paper, rediscovering meaning in a product that everyone gets to know at an early age. this paper factory has come up with a unique way to give visitors a whole new take on paper.
I am getting ready to enjoy my teatime, what I order, Is comeing?
Excuse me
Here we go, paper, I am going to eatpaper,that・s right
It has ginger flavors
Wow<it・s Water bamboo shoots,so special
Another popular attraction in Puli is the Paper Dome. Built in Japan after the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995, the paper structure designed as a church by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban was disassembled after 10 years and moved to Puli.
The Paper Dome didn・t just built the friendship between Taiwan and Japan, it also became a landmark in Puli. You must come see,if you have chance.I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Chow<see you next time.



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