Sun Moon Lake Route

Welcome to TAIWAN, I am Poyu Lin
I love to travel,love wandering around Taiwan
This is the Sun Moon Lake. Today, I will be using three different kind of transportation Yacht, bicycle, cable car to travel from water, land, and sky to show you the best of this lake!
Sun Moon Lake is the largest fresh water lake in Taiwan. Its deep green waters and spectacular mountain backdrop take on a new appearance with each of the four seasons, attracting over 6 million tourists per year.
Welcome to Sun Moon Lake
There are many choices with the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle to the Sun Moon Lake making your trip easy and smart. Now, I・m ready for my yacht!
Taking a yacht is the best way to get up close with the lake, which is also the home of the Thau, one of Taiwan・s indigenous tribes. Lalu Island is one of their sacred grounds, a place where they put the souls of their ancestors to rest.
Lalu Island is like the boundary; the East side is shaped like the sun while the West side is shaped like the crescent moon. Of course, some imagination is required.
In order to protect the ecology and environment here, the boat companies are encouraged by the government to use electric boats, instead of diesel engine boats
Did you hear the noise of the boat?
No, it・s pretty quiet.
Yes,it is very quiet.
Other than these environmentally friendly electric boats, another low-carbon way to get around is to ride a bicycle. Lifestyle and travel website CNNgo ranked the bike trails here among the world・s top ten most beautiful places to ride!
The path around Sun Moon Lake is about 30 kilometers long, and covers all of the lake・s major attractions. for those with limited time,the bike trail between Shuishe and Xiangshang , it・s definitely worth considering.
I am riding though the lake! So exciting!
Particlarly one 400-meter-long section of the bike path lets you ride through the lake itself, a feature rarely seen in Taiwan.
I・ve reached Shuishe Dam some says it has the best view on the trail. For safety reasons, you are only allows to walk your bike here.
The trail ends at this Visitors・ Center, built out of architectural and fair-faced concrete and recognized as one of the most beautiful buildings in Taiwan.
Boat Ride. Check. Bicycle. Check. Now let go on the cable car!
Starting in 2009, the cable car has been letting visitors admire Sun Moon Lake from a different, higher angle.
Fortunately, I do not fear high, you can see all the Sun Moon Lake from this sky, amazing view.
The ride covers 1,877 meters and takes seven minutes, during which you can try and figure out which sides Sun Lake and Moon Lake are on. But for most tourists, including me, it・s a prime time to take pictures and selfies.
Nightfall at Sun Moon Lake has a totally different feel compared to the day. It・s a great time to stroll around the harbor and enjoy the peace of the mountains.
The Sun Moon Lake is so wonderful, you have to experience by yourself,I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Chow<see you next time.


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