Crown Northern Coast Line (2)

Welcome to TAIWAN, I am Poyu Li
I love to travel ,love wandering around in Taiwan
The beach isn’t the only thing you can do at the Northern Coast.
We going to have a different kind of fun today!
Shitoushan Park is about 70 meter above sea level. It is suited for both adults and children. If you want to see the Northern Coast from up high, this is a great option.
Wow! What a wonderful view! That is the Twin Candlestick Islets, which is representative landmark of Jinshan. Doesn’t it look like a pair of candlesticks.
The Twin Candlestick islets also looks like a cuddling couple. They are also called the Husband and Wife Rocks. Legends says couples that take a photo with these rocks are blessed.
Seeing the Northern coast from afar is candy for the eyes. No wonder people like to come here during their blue days. Another great place to get a piece of mind is the Dharma Drum Mountain(DDM).
Walking in this dignified area has become a kind of meditation. This opportunity comes seldom you must not miss the Lotus Bell. The Lotus Bell is an artistic Bell that unified traditional and the present technique. This bell is also the representative piece of item in Dharma Drum Mountain(DDM).
The Dharma Drum Mountain(DDM) was established in 1989 by Master Sheng-Yen. This is a very important place in Taiwan for Buddhist Education,Here you can learn the profound of Buddhism, and if time allows you can also meditate and bring peace to your mind.
For those of you who are artistic. There is another outdoor museum that you cannot miss. It is the biggest in Taiwan.
Juming Museum is over 6000 m2. It has the honor to display the Tai Chi Symbol. Everything is displayed in this vast valley. Art and Nature merging together, it’s a wonderful sight.
Other than Tai Chi, another popular theme is the “Mortal World” theme.
Does it look like the world popular Mannequin Challenge
They still look so alive even without any expression. Makes me wanna be naughty and mess around with it.
Because the northern coast has an incredible sea view, there are lots of featured cafes opened in this area. This made this spot a popular leisure place for Taipei Metropolitan Area.
This cafe has a Greece theme.
But my favorite. Their staff is an alpaca. No…..
The only job that this alpaca have is to eat and take pictures. Just that has melt the hearts of many girls.
Good fun,is so funny
This extremely cute animal has brought the kid inside of everyone. No Matter if you an adult or children you will have either a camera or a carrot trying to get the attention of the Alpaca. This interaction is an added bonus to our travel experience.
Be careful, Do not stand behind the alpaca, they make kick you, If you have a chance, come here play with them,I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Chow~see you next time.

金山 三芝”心”體驗

遠眺北海岸,可以讓你看到不同的視野,難怪有人心情不好時,另外,想要追求心靈平靜,還有一個很棒的地方 那就是法鼓山。
這家店有著濃濃的希臘風,但是我最喜歡的,是他們的服務生,羊駝,不行 不行 不行…