Taipei Cultural Antiquities Walking Tour

Welcome to TAIWAN, I am Poyu Lin
I love to travel ,love wandering around in Taiwan
Today, we are using the Taiwan Tour Bus to go to a stunning town up in the mountain called Jioufeng.
Jioufeng use to be a small gathering area for the people of Rueifang. In 1893 at least 3000 to 4000 people gathered here once gold was found in this area.
There is a total of 10 tunnels dugout during the gold rush. Each 100 meters apart. This is the 9th tunnel called TaiYang Ninth Tunnel.
This village created by the gold rush was very prosperous but now these abandoned tunnels are all restricted areas, tourist can only take pictures outside and wonder what it was like during the rush.
No golden dream for me, but we can have some :golden balls;. This is actually the well-known snack in Jioufeng, its called taro balls. The yellow one is sweet potatoes flavor.
Hmm, its sweet and chewy.
Jioufeng is a destination that all visitor stop by when travelling Taiwan.
It・s very nice area,It・s full of culture
We will try some different stuff,it・s traditional stuff, really nice
Yap, It・s good
Other than tasting all the wonderful snacks, exploring through the lanes and alleys is an exciting way to see the beauty of this town.
You won・t get lost here because there are only 3 main roads. The Jishan street and Qingbian Road are parallel to each other while the well-known Shuqi Road cross these two roads.
Walking down Shuqi road you will pass by an area vintage area, soon it will feel like you are following the footsteps into the 40・s and 50・s.
After the mining declined Jioufeng became a dead town until the movie :A City of Sadness; brought it back to life.
:A City of Sadess; is directed by Hsiao-Hsien Hou and this movie lead him to win the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. This movie gave Jioufeng its tourism drive and set this silence town back to prosperity.
Adventure junkies can come walk through the Penetrating house alleys. Just remember one thing, keep moving forward.
Oh! It is so dark in here!
The houses in Jiufen were all built on the hills. There are many small alleys connected to the main streets to save time for the residents to walk from one street to another. This becomes an interesting artistic architecture.
There is a flight of stairs in front, what should I do? That・s right! Don・t hesistate, just keep going!
The mysteries of Jioufeng has attracted a lot of artists to settle here. They live in their privacy among the alleys. You might just bump into one.
Do you know the material this artist uses?
It・s asphalt.
Mr. Chiu, Can you Show for us?
This national treasure maestro is Xuxun Chiu. His creation of asphalt painting is internationally collected,U.S.A President Clinton, and Pope Saint John Paul were both collectors.
This is me, do we look alike?
After dusk, the lights come up and the light shine like diamonds in the sky. It is definitely worth a visit.
I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Chow<see you next time.


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