Kinmen–Lieyu Township tour(2)

Welcome to TAIWAN, I am Poyu Lin
I love to travel ,love wandering around in Taiwan
This is a Wind Rooster, I going to the hometown of Wind Roosters ,Lieyu.
The Kinmen schedule with the Taiwan Tour bus isn’t just a bus ride you get to jump on a ferry to visit Lieyu township. A lot of military residue has been left here and have become tourist attractions.
Only a few minutes walk from the Jiugong Pier is where I am now, the Jiugong Tunnel. This tunnel is 790 meter long and the view is spectacular!
This tunnel was originally built in 1963 to protect previous cargo being damaged by the bombings. To build this tunnel they had to drill through hard granite so a small carrier could pass through. In 1998 the Kinmen National Park made renovations to the tunnels and has been open to the public since 2001.
A helmet is required for visiting this tunnel because there might be some falling rocks. You also need to check the tide so that when you come visit it is not buried under the water.
There are a lot of different options for transportation while visiting Lieyu, include my favorite bicycle.
This 18.3km long roundabout cycle route was a frontier command back in the war years.
The Lieyu Huan Dao Path passes through a lot of greens and great township sceneries, a comfortable relaxing route.
There are lots of military remains such as bunkers, military defense structures, and military banners. Around midway you should stop and explore one of the bunkers.
So exciting! Running through this mine stimulations feels like you are in the war.
Brave Fortress and the Tie Han Fortress built in 1971 were shoulder to shoulder in protecting the North coast of Lieyu. The Kinmen Township government renovated these fortresses and turned them into the Mine Stimulation Area. Previously this was an area full of confusing tunnels and military equipment.
Other than Military debris, the view of the coast is also very special; the Mao Gong Shi Island Recreation Area for example, would make your jaw drop.
These stones are wired shaped,so special.
Yes,it’s called Mao Gong stone. See all the pockets right, those are the wash away , the dirts red clay from the sediment overtime by the high tides and low tides. The remaining part are a metal composite which include iron, aluminum, calcium and silicones. So the pockets are the wash away and a big piece of metal remained.
Come here for a trip. If you stroll around the village, you will find different styles of wind roosters which are the locals’belief people harness to suppress strong winds and pray for safety.
This 300 hundred years old well was dug when Zheng Cheng Gong just arrived here with his army. Today you can still well water from here.
When I see Historical Site that are over 100 years old. My time in history has just moved way back.
Lieyu is a fantastic island and a well kept secret place in Taiwan. You must come when you have time. I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Chow~see you next time.

此外 沿途還有許多戰地遺跡,像是碉堡 軍事防禦工事,以及精神標語等等,中途也可以選擇停下來,到碉堡內探險。
是的,這個叫作「貓公石」 妳看這些坑坑洞洞,是長時間的受到沖刷,原本是有紅土包覆著,當中的紅土被潮汐沖走後,留下來的只剩複合金屬塊,這之中包含了,鐵、鋁、鈣、矽、這個就是貓公石形成的原因