Kinmen–Lieyu Township tour(1)

Welcome to TAIWAN, I am Poyu Lin.
I love to travel ,love wandering around in Taiwan
Today we are visiting the best of Kinmen, actually the best internationally. Riding the Taiwan Tour Bus Kinmen-Lieyu Township one-day tour will get you there.
This Taiwan Tour Bus schedule is more than just transportation it also has a foreign language service, just let them know two days before and they will make the arrangement.
First thing that comes to mind when people think of Kinmen is the Kaoliang Liquor.
Just take single trip to Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc, you can find out everything about it.
A huge liquor bottle, all sorts of Koaliang Liquor decorations. Just from the entrance you have transitioned into the world of Kaoliang Liquor . In the Museum of Liquor History you can see how the brewery developed, there are also many memorial liquor display on the different year and themes like this history information stand.
Hmm, it’s smooth and it’s kind of sweet, iced one.
Yes, this is a new way of tasteing our Kaoliang Liquor. You can put the whole bottle into the freezer, and it won’t get freeze and by doing that, the taste will become smoother.
Cool! evenlly taste good ,Please be cautious and don't overdrink.
Touring the factory, understanding history of Kaoliang Liquor you will find the creator is Ye Hua Cheng. This use to be the former residence that Mr. Ye stayed it is also where Kaoliang Liquor was created.
In the memory of Mr.Ye this place has renovated into a museum iin 2009. The museum has the records of progress of Mr. Ye creating the Kaoliang Liquor and his life in this building.
While dissecting the history of Kaoliang Liquor, this Fujian-style Architecture building is also an important place to tour. In this atmostphere and watching all these things it really makes me feel like I was part of the day when Kaoliang Liquor was successfully create.
Over decades Kinmen was left with many cultural assets. By entering Kinmen old street we are stepping in a historical adventure.
There was activity on Kinmen island 6000 years ago. The earliest historical records found was during the Jin Dynasty and in the Qin Dynasty Jincheng Township became a Political and Economic center. Accordingly a lot of different cultures are found in this area. For example,the Qiu Liang-gung's Mother Chastity Arch is definitely a must-see.
Did you know this Stone Lion is multicolored. The locals worship this as their guardy angel .
The carving details and the bold and powerful design of the monuments is not an easy task to be performed back in the days. You can see lots of hard work was put into the monuments.
When the night-light is on during the nighttime the old street has atmosphere .
Since 2008 the Kinmen government has started the Jincheng night orientation trip. There is a tour guide accompanying you all the way.
This night trip of Jincheng Old Street schedule for about two hours, passing by about 10 destinations. A night trip is very different experience compared to a day trip. You should give it a try. I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Chow~see you next time.

今天我要去拜訪金門名聲最響亮的地方,不僅如此在國際上也相當有名,搭上台灣觀巴「金門 烈嶼金城小鎮」一日遊,就可以找到了!