The Banyan Park & Taihu Lake Line

Welcome to TAIWAN, I am Poyu Lin.
I love to travel ,love wandering around in Taiwan.
If you are a travel junkie like me.
Let me know, What is your favorite place in Taiwan.
I love Kinmen.
I'm in Kinmen.
The Banyan Park & Taihu Lake Line of the Taiwan Tourist Shuttles will be taking us to the famous Aug 23rd Artillery Battle Campaign of Kinmen. Lets go dig into history at its finest.
Came to the Aug 23rd Artillery Battle Museum, You will be able to understand what happened in the 1958 artillery battle,The Weaponry battle force; F-86F Sabre and the 155mm Howitzer are on the right side of the building while the left side of the building demos the supporting LVT-P4 . Every item is its own history book..
On August 23rd, 1958, communist liberation army used 470 howitzers raided Kinmen, in 44 days for 470,000 bombs.
Oh my God!
Viewing displayed items isn’t the only thing you can do here. The museum also has some stimulation facilities that let you experience the power of the bombings during the battle, utilizing the diversity of ways you can learn history.
This is the Qiong Lin Community, which have history of 800 years, this location is in the center of Kinmen making it a geographically advantage terrain.
This ancient tourist attraction is very special, it combines a lot of war artifact, ancient ruins, traditional Communities, Family Ancestral Shrine, and Wind Lion Lord. Its full of traditional, culture and history. I hope there is enough space in my memory card.
Qiong Lin Community in the past was also known as Scholar Village because it is like a scholar factory. Scholars are equivalent to a Doctor PhD in present term. Dr. Tsai is very well known in Kinmen.
In the past there was a plentiful of trees in this area so the locals called it Pinglin, but in the Ming Dyansty when a local Cai Xian Chen was appointed as an official at the court the Emperor granted the name Qionglin for this area.
In the Tsai Family Ancestral Shrine , I found an interesting design on the wall; see inside this slit!
There are all kinds of Wind Lion Lord scattered all over Kinmen and they come in different size and shapes, some looks stern, some looks gentle, and some cute and chubby. The Wind Lion Lord is the locals’belief for blessing and safety.
There is superstar of the Wind Lion Lord in Kinmen ,and I know a short-cut, lets go find him.
Qionglin has a geographically advantage location which made it a target for bombing raids. This shortcut use to be one of the 12 war-tunnels built by civilian and soldiers to connect bomb shelters, bunkers, armory, and some civilian homes. One of these exits is where you will find the superstar Wind Lion Lord.
I found it, the Super star!
Finding all the different kinds of Wind Lion Lords can also be a fun schedule when you come visit. Come experience when you have the chance,I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Chow∼see you next time.

我的天啊! 來這裡參觀,不僅可以看到各項展示,館內還有一些體驗設施,提供遊客們親身感受,當年砲火來襲的震撼力,用不一樣的方式來感受歷史。