Hengchun Old Town and Hot Springs tour

Welcome to TAIWAN, I am Poyu Lin
I love to travel ,love wandering around in Taiwan
Now, I am at Pingtung, where are we off to today? Follow me into the Taiwan Tour Bus and find out.
Hello! good Morning, Welcome to join our Hengchun Old Town and Hot Springs tour
This half-day trip takes about 5 hours and there is an English tour guide!
If you switch on your GPS and walk around the city walls, you can see what Hengchun Town looks like over 100 years ago.
Our first stop is Hengchun Old Town, built in 1875, these structures was built for military defense purposes. It is also currently the best-preserved Old Town in Taiwan.
I also figured that the westgate, it’s actually face on the North side, isn’t that interesting?
How come Westgate doesn't face west? No one knows the real answer to that question. The fengshui myths of Hengchun have brought lots of legendary stories.
Next, we arrive at FuAn Temple in Checheng built in 1662, It looks great now because of all the repair and renovations over the years.
This temple is ove 300 years old ,Poyu, do you know which is the first land of God in this temple?
Is that the biggest one?
No∼Actually, the first is just in front of the biggest one. There is a mini temple. In two land of God statues inside,at the right side one!
Taiwan’s traditional an incense is the connection between people and gods, we also venerate and burn offerings to our gods and these are symbolic for gratitude and respect.
Normally when we burn our offerings we have to fold them and then throw it into the censer, but is another way . Look ~
Scientifically, this is a chimney effect, but religiously they have another name, god’s money counter.
Checheng has lots of local specialty, for example onions, Hongren’s Duck Eggs, and another must try delicacy Green bean mash, it made from green beans after peeling off it’s skin.
You can have green bean mash either hot or cold, I ordered ice one
Taste good, marvelous
The last stop of todays schedule is Hsi Chung River, this is the most southern hot spring in Taiwan, founded during the Japanese period. Its one of the four major hot spring area in Taiwan. The hot spring water is carbonate and clean. It is also odorless.
In the past, the residents here had to go cross the river four times to go outside, so people named it Hsi Chung River.
So Why is hot springs, so famous here?
You can dated be back to the Japanese occupation. the royalty traveled and enjoyed the hot spring here, than it became popular after that.
Hsi Chung River hot spring contains lots of minerals, after a bath your skin will became so tender, that's why its called “a beauty’s bath”, different seasons has their different pleasures while taking a bath in the hot spring,and ‘Im going to try something specials now~
This fish are "hot spring fish",or you can called them “Doctor Fish”, rightnow I am put my feet into the water
Oh My God! They kissing my feet
Come to try it when you have time,I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Chow∼

在台灣習俗中 「香」,是人和神明之間的溝通橋樑,拜拜過後「燒金紙」的儀式,則代表對神明感謝與崇敬
我們最後的一個景點,來到了四重溪,這裡有台灣最南端的溫泉,從日治時期就被開發了,現在是台灣四大名泉之一,泉質屬於鹼性碳酸氫鈉泉,非常乾淨 而且沒有味道