Kenting Express Line

We are launching today・s journey with this grand entrance. Here is my pillow and luggage. We are off to a spectacular adventure!
I love to travel ,love wandering around in Taiwan
Our destination today is the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium. It is located in Houwan, Pingtung, and it is not too far from Kenting. This is the biggest museum in Taiwan and today we might experience the same excitement as in the movie, :Night at the Museum;.
Before it gets dark, let・s tour around the museum in daylight. In the Coral Kingdom exhibition you will be able to observe various coral ecosystems from the nearby coastal area stretching all the way to the seabed.
As soon as we got in, we heard people saying, :wow, all the time! The praises rise and fall and sometimes come together like a choir of compliments.
Every exhibition has its own animal stars and shows. For people who have a tight schedule, you can arrange your visits according to the show time in each pavilion.
In the Waters of the World pavilion, both the giant kelp forest and the penguin are the highlights you don・t want to miss.
In the Waters of Taiwan exhibition, the feeding show in the Open Ocean Tank is definitely a must-see.
I thought the starfish would be soft, it is very hard
It is so interesting to see the animal feeding, and also very comforting. I・d really like to know what it's like being backstage?
The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium is closed at six pm sharp. Only those who have an early registration of :Sleepover at the aquarium; program are able to stay inside and continue their exploration during the night. What・s more, we are allowed to take a look at backstage.
We just saw the Open Ocean Tank feeding show are three feeding shows ,are these going to be enough for them?
Of course, our real feeding time is after closing time with, we feed a great amount of food.
Ok,So can I feed them too?
Which one?
Let・s feed the stingray and the small shark!
We are using fish blocks to feed the stingray and the small shark because they have big mouths. On the other hand, we feed small fishes with brine shrimps because they have small mouths. It is called :palatability;.
A backstage tour allows us to understand the operation side of the aquarium. And the :Sleepover at NMMBA; experience at night is just a dream like adventure. The once exuberant underwater world in daytime becomes a quiet peaceful place during the night.
Poyu see,what is this?
The clown fish.
Yes, It is the clown fish.
The Sleepover Guided Tour just wrapped up and it is almost 11. I・ve got to find my crib quickly. I hope I don・t get lost.
Hope I have a sweet dream tonight; let me be the mermaid princess tonight. Don・t be too jealous of me! You should really try it when you come to here!I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Chow~see you next

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