Luoshan, Hualien

Today we’re on the Taitung Yuli-Changbin Highway day tour, and this is Luoshan!
All Taiwan Tour Bus itineraries, include insurance, pick-up and drop-off, wifi and audioguides in English and three other languages. Sometimes you can get an English speaking guide, too.
On the southern end of Hualien, Luoshan is just north of Taitung and is one of the stops on this tour. Luoshan is best known for being the first town in Taiwan to adopt organic farming methods. The crops here are mainly rice.
In addition to using organic fertilizers, some farmers alternate rice and soy beans to grow their own fertilizer. How does this happen? Soy beans draw nitrogen, an essential nutritional element for plants, from the air and into its roots. The roots with the beads of nitrogen stay in the ground after the harvest, and voila, natural fertilizer.
Young soy beans are called “edamame,” and here when they get older, they are harvested and often made into soy milk or tofu with help from the nearby mud volcano which bubbles methane gas and bittern, which is seawater without the salt.
Usually bittern is made after the salt has been taken out of seawater. This is natural bittern that you can use after you let the mud settle. Bittern is a natural coagulant for tofu. One of the really fun things you can do here is make your own tofu.
I think this is my last episode on this show. For six, seven, or was it eight years I’ve done this show and it’s been amazing to see how tourism in Taiwan has improved, how so much easier transportation has become, how much cleaner it is and how much more fun and interesting things have developed. I came back to Taiwan 12 years ago thinking I would leave in 3, but here I am now still and I think I just might stay here for at least another 12 years. Taiwan is a wonderful place to live and to travel. You should come.
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