Tropic of Cancer

What do Mexico, the Bahamas, Egypt, Mali and Taiwan have in common? The Tropic of Cancer runs through all of these places.
In Taiwan, the Tropic of Cancer, located at 23.5 degrees North of the equator, passes through Hualien, Penghu and Chiayi. Today we・re in Chiayi, and this is the Sun Exploratorium.
We・re on one of the Summer Solstice 235 tours of the Taiwan Tour Bus service today. On the bus there・s wifi, a tablet that has audio guides in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese, and sometimes a guide that speaks English as well. Included on all Taiwan Tour Bus packages are insurance and pickups at hotels and major transportation depots. The first stop on this tour is the Sun Exploratorium.
Here you・ll find monuments that will not fail in reminding you that you are here at the Tropic of Cancer.
At the Sun Exploratorium, with the help of student and professional guides, you can learn lots about how people have utilized the sun, including starting fires with a magnifying glass, or telling time. This is an Analemmatic sundial, which helps keep track of time.
The way you tell time is by finding today・s date and standing on it. For example, it・s May 15th today. And then you follow the shadow and see where it lands. Here, it says it・s between two and three. And precisely, my watch says it・s 2:31.
Next on the itinerary is Tfuyu, an aboriginal village of the Tsou tribe.
This trip・s theme has been the Tropic of Cancer. There are four major Tropic of Cancer monuments in Taiwan and I・ve been to the two in Hualian, the one in Chiayi, so that leaves the one in Penghu. Soon I will have collected all four. This is fun. You should come!
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