Hinoki Village, Chiayi

Today we・re in Chiayi, and this is the Alishan Forest Railway.
The Alishan Forest Railway is 72.7 km long and climbs more than 2200 meters in elevation, so the view along the way can be not only picturesque, but quite interesting as well. Because it・s so steep, the railroad turns and zigzags its way up and down, it・s a real nice experience if you get the chance.
We・ve previously talked a lot about what you can do in Alishan, but I don・t think we・ve shown you what you can do at the base of the mountain, here in Chiayi City, so in this episode, we・re going to hang out around here, Beimen station, where the railroad starts.
This is Hinoki Village, :hinoki; is Japanese for :cypress,; the kind of tree they found in Alishan in 1899.
Because hinoki so dense and has oils that resists rot and pests, it・s a great type of wood with which to build things.
Hinoki in Taiwan was heavily harvested and sent to Japan during the Japanese occupation. This area is where a lot of the logging operations took place.
The Alishan railroad was originally built for transporting logs into the city, but logging in Alishan was stopped eventually and now the trains just transport tourists looking for some of the best views of Taiwan.
This area with all these Japanese houses were the offices and residences of the Forestry Administration, now this is a place where you can get a glimpse of what life was like here between 1895 and 1945, it kind of feels like you・re in Japan.
Alishan has been known for tea, and of course you can get some of the best teas in Taiwan here as well.
Warm milk, coffee ice cubes. Honestly, I don't know why we aren・t in Chiayi more often. It is lesser known, but there are some wonderful places here to visit. Here are a couple of tips. Have turkey rice when you come. And try the coffee here - both the presentation and the taste are really great. Chiayi is really something. Before everyone finds out about it, you should come!
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