Zhutian, Pingtung

Today we・re going to Zhutian, Pingtung to visit an old, Japanese train station.
To get to Zhutian, you can take take a train and pay for the fare with an Easycard or iPass. The railroad and stations in this area have all been elevated to help cut down road traffic, and luckily the old Zhutian Station was preserved.
The railroad network in Taiwan was first developed by the Chinese in the Qing Dynasty, then improved by the Japanese during their 50-year occupation of Taiwan. Zhutian Station was designed by a Japanese engineer and built in 1939.
In the old days, if you・re taller than this, you pay the full price. If your height is between here and here, it・s half price, and if you・re shorter than this, it・s free.
Water and sand from this reservoir was used to put out fires. Buildings from those days were mostly made of wood.
Because it・s so warm here in Pingtung, water was drawn straight from the well into the tub. This was the station staff・s bathhouse.
And that・s the station master・s house, which is now a restaurant that serves pretty decent food.
This is Hakka leicha, a really rich tea made of many different kinds of grains, nuts, seeds, and tea leaves ground together by yourself and your host. This part of Pingting is the first Hakka settlement in southern Taiwan.
Close by the old station area are some old streets with some cute graffiti.
This is Laofuzi Old Master Q, he・s a famous comic book character. The artist・s wife is from this village.
Zhutian is one of the nicer Japanese train stations I・ve seen so far, I really like how they kept the paint nearly the same grayish blue as it was 60 years ago. Stations like this are really rare. The other thing that struck me the most was the lemon chicken lunchbox at the station. Oh that was quite tasty. You should come.
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