East Coast Line

One thing you must do when you come to Taitung is to come around the seaside because it has the most beautiful coast here!
Welcome to TAIWAN, I am Poyu Lin, I love to travel ,love wandering around in Taiwan
Today,I am taking Taiwan Tourist Shuttles of East Coast Line. Along the route, we will see the natural, this great talented artist left us some vibrant fine sculptures here.
Oh it's a beautiful place, the ocean lines are good, everything is beautiful here
Wanna see how far your imagination can go? You’ll have to come to “Xiaoyeliu Scenic Area”. What do you think this rock looks like?
Doufu?Mushroom?Look, is it look like a frog?Honeycomb?Alien?Minions!
Ok,well,let me think another one
The interesting geological landscape of Xiaoyeliu was transformed through years of geological events, weathering and erosion. And the nature of its stratum, which is composed of overlapping layers of sandstone and mudstone, is the main ingredient to these unique sculptures.
Aside from the beautiful scenery here, there are also many popular legends. The most famous one is about Sanxiantai.Back then, you will have to wait for the outgoing tide to walk over and visit. Nowaday with the bridge built in between, it becomes more accessible.
From this angle you can take the coolest picture of Sanxiantai,having all 8 arch bridges in one shot. It looks like a giant dragon flying over the sea, doesn’t it?
So,Sanxiantai used to be connected to the main island, and due to coastal erosion it became separated. If you literally translate Sanxiantai into English, It means the island of the three saints, represented by the three rocks.
Now,I’m going to cross the bridges
there is total of 320 stairs, so it's not difficult to climb
The size of Sanxiantai is as big as 27 football fields! I have got lots of energy so let’s walk around the area and look for the 3 immortals!
I'm standing on Sanxiantai, the rock ,it’s so huge
However, for the native Amis Tribe, Sanxiantai is their traditional hunting and fishing ground and it is where food comes from. They called it “nuwalian”, which means “the place on the far east side”.
This is the Pisilian community, an enchanted Amis Tribe. The music instrument they were playing is called the “Paw-Paw” drum.
The “Paw-Paw drum ”is created by local artists. They use recycled plastic floats of stationary fishing net and driftwood; then put on traditional Amis patterns, and turn it into a one and only Pisilian-style green instrument.
This is easy to learn and great to play. You should to try it! today I’m going to say thank you for watching our show in Amis traditional language.
I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! “Aray”