Jiaoxi by Train

Today we・re taking the train to Jiaoxi, Yilan. What・s in Jiaoxi? Hot springs!
A little over an hour away by train, Jiaoxi to people like me who are coming from Taipei, is a convenient getaway.
There are hot springs in Jiaoxi because of volcanic activity. When it rains, water seeps into the ground, passes the hot rocks and is heated. The water then comes out of the ground at about 58 degrees Celsius and voila, hot springs!
From Jiaoxi train station, you can walk to the hot springs. This is Tangwei Brook Park, one of the many places where you can soak your feet in spring water for free.
This is where all the tourists come and especially on the weekends, this area right by the road can get really crowded, so I like to go upstream where there are fewer people and still several soaking holes. The park area there is much nicer too. Come on!
There・s a bath area over there, and for NT$80, you can enjoy all of this. This is the women・s side, by the way, the men・s side is next door.
After a soak in the hot springs, you can get a massage from one of the visually impaired masseuses here. This is luxury that doesn・t cost an arm and a leg.
What can you eat here? There are plenty of restaurants around here, and they serve anything from vegetarian food to seafood to spicy hot pots and for those that miss home, there・s Western food too.
There are four crops in Jiaoxi that are famous for being grown with spring water: :jiaobaisun,; which is a kind of bamboo, loofah, water spinach and momotaro tomatoes.
You want to know how people in Jiaoxi eat it? First you bite off the pointy part, then you stick a couple of salty plums into it. Haochi! Delicious!
The last time I was here, I came to see a friend and her baby. I think I laughed until my stomach hurt and ate until I thought I was going to burst. I always have a good time here, whether it・s for work or for fun. The hot springs are really nice and the area in general is quite relaxing. You can even do a bit of hiking. And it・s close to Taipei. You should come.
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