Cycling in Chiayi

Today we・re in Chiayi. The oysters here are really good!
Chiayi is in southern Taiwan, right at the Tropic of Cancer. We・re starting our day here, Zhe Cheng Cultural Park, an old sugar factory.
Let・s rent a bike, this is how we're going to get around today.
Most, if not all of the sugar factories in Taiwan were built during the Japanese occupation, between 1895 and 1945. This is no exception, so many of the buildings you see are very Japanese, including these houses, which are workers・ dormitories.
Chiayi County is a great place to travel. Some of the highest mountain peaks in Taiwan are in Chiayi, and at the same time it also borders the sea. Next we・re going to Dongshi Fisherman・s Wharf.
Those things sticking out of the water are oyster racks. Oyster farming is an important part of the economy here. Guess how they・re grown.
This is the shell of an oyster we had last night. A worker will drill a hole into this piece, and workers will put several of these on a line, then tie the line to a rack sitting in brackish water, or water that is a mix of fresh and sea water. Baby oysters will attach themselves to these and grow in clusters. Six months to a year later, they・re ready to eat. Let・s go get some oysters!
We・re having oysters six ways today. This is oyster pancake. This is a famous Taiwanese dish, you・ll find it everywhere in Taiwan.
These were stir fried in sesame oil. Delicious.
These were simply grilled. Simply tasty.
This is fried with meat and vegetables. Very filling.
I haven・t tasted oysters this good in a long, long time. They are just so fresh. They・re a little small compared to the ones you might find in other parts of the world, but this is the off season and who cares, they・re so good. The next time I come, I want to have the big ones, the ones as big as my hands. There will be a next time! And I・m really looking forward to it!
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