Yunlin Hand Puppetry Museum

We’re in Huwei, Yunlin County today, the heartland of glove puppetry in Taiwan.
To get to Huwei, you can take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle from Douliu train station in Yunlin. You can buy a day pass on the bus for NT$150.
Huwei’s sugar industry was the driving force behind the development of this town, which grew very quickly during the Japanese occupation, so the buildings here are especially interesting.
The three most famous buildings in this town are from the colonial days. This was the magistrate’s old residence, but now, kids and adults come here for story time.
This is the magistrate’s old office, now a hand puppet museum. In the Ming Dynasty, hundreds of years ago, a man named Liang Binglin tried and tried but kept failing the county imperial exam. He was quite upset and started playing with string puppets. But one day he thought, “These strings make puppeteering so difficult!” and then went on to invent Chinese glove puppetry.
Chinese glove puppetry in Taiwan survived the Cultural Revolution in China and really flourished, especially around here. It was a form of entertainment that kids and even teachers sometimes skipped class to watch.
This was once a police and fire station. Look, the fireman’s pole’s still there. It’s now a bookstore and cafe where you can get something to read, something to drink and just take a break.
Someone asked me which of the three buildings is most interesting, and I think they all are interesting in their own ways and are a part of a whole story. Each served a different function so each has its own special charms. You have to see them all. You should come!
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