East Rift Valley Tour

Welcome to TAIWAN, I am Poyu Lin
I love to travel ,love wandering around in Taiwan
Today, we are taking the Taiwan Tour Bus, to visit the East Rift Valley, have some great places for you
Lintianshan, Hualien Sugar Factory,come to Rareseed to drink milk
You definitely can’t miss this unique experience. SO come with me!
Following the amazing cypress aroma, we have arrived in the Lintianshan Forestry Cultural Area. It used to be the 4th largest forestry in Taiwan.During Japanese Occupation, this place was called「Molisaka
,In Japanese, it means “a hill full of trees”.
This used to be a very busy and vigorous area due to the booming forest industry. you can find the old housing made of cypress and the tracks on the ground still well preserved.
The remains of the platform, train, rice shop, infirmary, and many other Japanese architectures marked a once active community lived here. The whole area had even sustained 400-500 families and a population of over 2000.
Is that the movie projector?
Yas,in 1961 every Saturday and Sunday,they show the movie, free Charge,that is a big day to the local resident
Like a party for entertainment
You don’t necessarily learn history through reading. Travelling is a great channel. Here in the Cultural Area, you can sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee and sip a history of half-century and learn a lot from it.
You can also buy a stamp, pick a postcard for free, then send it to yourself. It’s like delivering a past greeting to the future you.
Right now, we are going to Hualien Sugar Factory to have a flavor of sugar sweet.
Ice cream so popular in Hualien Sugar Factory you have to give it a try! I picked flavor, “red bean and milk.”
Is awesome!
The Ice cream in Hualien Sugar Factory,it is really amazing,the taking water comes from the mountain springs in Masi mountain of the Central range
The Hualien Sugar Factory has been around for over 90 years. Except ice cream, you can also find a lot of Japanese style structures built in Japanese Occupation. They were designed for staff housing and now renovated and turned into modern hotels.
From the aroma of cypress, we learned about Lintianshan. From the taste of the ice cream, we learned more about Hualien Sugar Factory.What else is here to taste in the East Rift Valley?
That’s right is the taste of milk!. When you come to Rareseed Ranch, you got to meet the dairy cattle. Rareseed Ranch produces top quality milk that is well-received in Taiwan. This can be credited to the clean air, water and ecological system of the East Rift Valley. Here it provides the best living environment for the animals and plants.
I have never tried fresh squeezed milk. I wonder how it tastes?is incredible! Do you come to the East Rift Valley and experience,different great flavors by yourself!I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Chow

是的,在西元1961年,每個星期六和星期日,會放映電影,完 全是免費的,對當地人來說是個大日子