Central Park, Kaohsiung

Downtown Kaohsiung is hustling and bustling, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming, but thankfully there are a few quiet and peaceful spots too. Today we’re going to walk around the Central Park area.
Central Park is right outside Kaohsiung MRT’s Central Park Station, which is on the red line. This station was designed by British architect Richard Rogers and was voted one of the most beautiful stations in the world by a US travel website.
The roof angles this way, and it’s supposed to symbolize the taking off of Kaohsiung. It was constructed by a local boat maker using a lot of recycled materials. And because it reflects a lot of light, the design really is quite green.
There’s lots of greenery around, which brings a nice contrast to the metal and concrete. I really love the station, and the park, too.
Kaohsiung is a port city and if you think about it, almost everything you see has something to do with the port and its history.
This is the Holy Rosary Cathedral, the first Catholic church in Taiwan; it’s about 100 years old. A lot of missionaries that came to Taiwan came through the Port of Kaohsiung.
The Port of Kaohsiung is the largest harbor in Taiwan. In addition to everyday goods, building materials, dried foods that were carted off to be sold in various parts of Southern Taiwan, some of it would end up in stores nearby the port.
This is Shinkujiang, a shopping district that sells a lot of foreign goods, especially clothing and accessories. If you’ve been to Ximending in Taipei, this is a lot like Ximending, where young people like to shop, hang out and eat.
There’s a movie theater here, so there are lots of hawkers. But the thing is, you have to walk and eat at the same time, and I’m sure everybody’s a pro at that already, but I prefer to eat while I’m sitting down. So I’m going to go to this wonderful yakiniku Japanese BBQ place that we recently discovered.
Kaohsiung is a lot like Taipei, but it also feels more relaxed. Maybe it’s because it’s more spacious, or because the weather down here is almost always nice. They get 300 days of sun here every year. This loveliness in Kaohsiung is what I crave when it gets crowded and cold and wet in Taipei. You should come.
高捷之旅 中央公園

中央公園就在高雄捷運中央公園站外面,捷運站是由英國建築師Richard Rogers設計的,曾經在一個美國旅遊網站上獲得全世界最美麗捷運站之一的殊榮。
這是玫瑰教堂,台灣第一座天主教教堂,大約一百年前興建的。 很多國外傳教士都是從高雄港進入台灣的。