Taroko Gorge Tour 2

Welcome to TAIWAN
I am Poyu Lin, I love to travel, love wandering around in Taiwan.
How would someone play music with a piece of bamboo?
“When a wild boar meets Eiffel Tower” what is meaning?
You can find the answers from the Taroko Gorge day tour with Taiwan Tour Bus!
When you take a trip on the Central Cross-Island Highway, you will find exquisite uncanny craftwork created by nature.
The geological formation of Taroko Gorge is made of thick marble rock. The gorge was shaped through years of vertical erosion by Liwu River and the earth crust uplift.
In Taroko Gorge, most people only take pictures on the side of the roads. Actually if you are the brave type, you can try to stand on the suspension bridge between the gorges like me. This is a great way to appreciate the majestic view of the gorge. But to be really honest, my feet are a bit trembling at this moment.
When you come to Taroko, besides the beautiful gorge, there is one other unique landscape worth noticing. On the mountain walls around the Swallow Grotto Trail, you will find someround holes.
This is called pothole in geologic term. This type of landform is shaped by nature through millions of years.
The Liwu river has changed the appearance of Taroko Gorge, including the Buluowan Tableland where I am standing at now. The Liwu River has also shaped Taroko through alluvial deposit and erosion activities. About 200 years ago, there were once 2 big families of the Truku tribe settled here.
The most famous set here is called “When a wild boar meets Eiffel Tower”. They put the rice inside the bamboo too. So it’s my turn to think how to get the rice out.
The chef creating this wonderful dish is of Truku origin and has worked in a French restaurant of a 5-star hotel. He has transformed traditional Truku dishes into sophisticated aboriginal-style meals.
Today we will be staying at the cottage of Buluowan Tableland. This place gets very busy at night and everyone comes out to join the party, of course, the stars and insects will be there, too.
This is the traditional music instrument called Jew's harp. What a nice sound! Now it’s my turn to try.
Jew's harp is made of Makino Bamboo. The way to play it is place it in your mouth and by pulling the string it will move the bamboo flake and the vibration will amplify through your mouth.
This is not as easy as I thought! Come and try it if you come to visit!I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Chow~ see you next time.

具有太魯閣血統的主廚,曾經在五星級的飯店擔任過法式主廚, 他將傳統的太魯閣料理,改良成精緻的原住民風味餐
具有太魯閣血統的主廚,曾經在五星級的飯店擔任過法式主廚, 他將傳統的太魯閣料理,改良成精緻的原住民風味餐
真的很不容易...如果有機會的話,你們也可以試試看哦!我是林柏妤,enjoy your time in TAIWAN!我們下次見!