Toucheng, Yilan

Today we・re going to Wushi Port in Yilan where there・s a fantastic museum, seafood and a beach that surfers love.
To get to Wushi Port, take a train and get off at Toucheng. You can pay for your tickets by tagging on and off with an Easycard or iPass.
This is Wushi Port, the latest reincarnation of it, actually. The older and much smaller one is over there. Come on, I want to show you.
Wushi by the way means :black rock.; Those dark rocks in the middle of the old port over there is how this area got its name. And the funky looking building behind me, that・s the Lanyang Museum.
The outline itself is really interesting. What do you think it looks like? A crashed spaceship? A mountain growing out of the ground? The architect, Kris Yao, wanted it to resemble the natural landscape around here - rocks that that jut diagonally out of the earth and the ocean.
The shape of the building and the big pool of water in front of it makes a really good picture. Looking at the building makes me feel like I・m hearing music. No, I・m not crazy. I love it!
Kris Yao used 12 different materials for the facades. Each material represents one specific musical note. He mapped the score of Vivaldi・s :Four Seasons; to the facades of this building. I think it・s quite clever! And I love the space!
This is a real fishing boat! A lot of the exhibits in this museum are interactive and that・s why I love it. Of course everything is really well laid out, too. There・s so much to learn if you slow down, look and think about what you・re looking at. Unfortunately, there・s just not enough time in one day, so I have to come back!
Where can you eat if you・re hungry? There・s a seafood market here.
Wushi Port is also a big surfing spot. A lot of surfers in northern Taiwan like to come here. In fact, we bumped into one of our coworkers over there. I love it how there・s so much to do around here - there・s the beach, the museum, seafood, hiking, whale watching from Spring to Fall. Everything・s within walking distance, too. You should come!

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