Today we・re walking around Neiwan, an old Hakka mining town in Hsinchu.
To get to Neiwan, you can take a train, which you can pay for by tagging on and off with an Easypass or iPass. Neiwan is on one of the smaller lines, which in the beginning was built mostly for transporting coal and timber out of the area.
This is Neiwan Station. Coal used to be loaded on that end of the platform, and timber on the other side.
When there was still mining and logging going on here, this town was really, really busy. The elementary school had about 1,200 kids then, and now, less than 200. This is the downtown area, there are a lot of tasty Hakka snacks here.
Look at all of this. There・s so much food. Dried persimmon, ginger candy, dried fruits and vegetables, tomatoes, oh taro cakes, sausages! Who・s hungry? I・m hungry!
This is Neiwan Theater. It・s a restaurant now, but in the old days. They used to play movies, hold Hakka opera performances and even cabaret shows sometimes. Let・s go inside.
None of these tables and chairs used to be here. People used to sit on rows of benches. There were rows down here and rows up there on the second floor. Kids liked to stay here right by the bathroom. Towards the end of the movies, right before the end of the show, they would go and hide inside. I・m sure you know why. Movie hopping!
That・s a character out of a comic book drawn by a Hakka artist. She represents the typical Hakka woman, hard working, frugal and stubborn. My husband is half Hakka, he is pretty stubborn.
Neiwan was very, very quiet for a long time and started to pick up again just a few years ago.
Neiwan・s a nice place to walk around, eat, and then find some place to sit down and just relax. That is exactly what I need right now. You should come.

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