Taroko Gorge Tour 1

Welcome to TAIWAN. I am Poyu Lin. I love to travel, love wandering around in Taiwan. If you are a travel junkie like me, let me know, what is your favorite place in Taiwan?
The shape of Taiwan is very much like a sweet potato. This is probably why Taiwanese homely when we see sweet potatoes. We are now on the east side of Taiwan , Hualien.
You don’t need to drive on your own to Taroko Park because Taiwan Tour Bus can pick you up.There is wi-fi connection on the bus. You can also use tablets that provide tourist information in English and 3 other languages. However, my favorite part is simply enjoying the view all the way.
The Suhua Highway is considered the most beautiful highway in Taiwan. You will be able to enjoy the great scenery of coast mountains and the Pacific Ocean at the same time.
Suhua is a cliff-side highway that was built along the side of the mountains. We can only imagine how difficult it was to build it. Today Qingshui Cliff is voted one of the ten spectacles in Taiwan.
There are 16 recognized tribes in Taiwan. The Taroko (Truku) tribe lives in this mountainous area that covers 355 square miles.
Taroko National Park Headquarters and Visitor Center used to be a village called Dekalun,and Dekalun means “maple trees”
Near Taroko Tableland you will find Shakadang trail. It was built by Japanese to use as construction access for Liwu River power generation project during the period of Japanese occupation. After being rebuilt and consolidated as part of the national park, it is now an easy trail to take a stroll.
Wow~ What is that ?
The color of stream reflects such a beautiful turquoise shimmer because the water inside the marble melt fine particles, After the irradiation optical phenomenon produced by the sun, this is called Rayleigh scattering effect
The rocks in Shakadang Stream are also amazing to look at. These wavy lines on the rocks told us that they had been through tremendous amount of pressure and it transformed the rocks and made them bent. These bent marks are called “folds”in geology.
Taroko is such a popular tourist spot because you can truly feel the power of mother nature in many ways. Just like the Americans would consider the Pacific Railroad a great construction wonder against nature, the Central Cross-Island Highway has its special place for Taiwanese.
Back then, the workers and engineers paid a great price to build the Highway. It was almost a mission impossible to drill the way out with only hammers and chisels.
There were 225 construction workers who gave their lives during the construction. They are commemorated and paid respect here in Changchun Shrine. This also makes the shrine aunique landmark to visit on Central Cross-Island Highway.
Now We are in the east side of Taiwan, Taroko, Hualien. This is Taiwanese’favorite, sweet potatoes. How does it taste? Tasty, sweet and creamy. Please have a taste of it yourself!
I am Poyu Lin, enjoy your time in Taiwan! Chow~ see you next time.

這一段的公路,都是沿著山壁開鑿出來的,可以想見當年,這是一件多麼困難的工程, 如今清水斷崖,更被票選為台灣十大美景之一。