Today I・m taking you to one of the most picturesque places in Taiwan, Alishan! Hopefully we・ll be able to catch the famous sunrise over the mountains and clouds.
We got up at four this morning. It・s about six right now. We・re on the train to see the sunrise. There are a couple of different itineraries for Alishan on the Taiwan Tour Bus service. The B tour starts in Alishan with the sunrise and will a few stops along the way down the mountain.
Getting up at four in the morning to see a sunrise that may or may not turn out be beautiful is quite a gamble. So was it worth it today? Yeah, I think it was. I just wish my family were here to see it with me.
Next on the itinerary is Fenqihu, an old station where trains needed to stop and refuel. Passengers would take this time to buy lunch.
Piping hot is the way most Taiwanese people like their food.
The thing about these lunch boxes is, they・re made in advance and are kept warm, so the ingredients inside needs to be the kind that can be heated or reheated and still taste good. Braised meats and tofus and pickled vegetables usually work really well in this situation. Most lunch boxes in Taiwan will have this kind of food. Personally I think it・s quite delicious.
The scenery in Alishan without a doubt is beautiful, from sunrise to sunset. If you get a chance, I highly recommend taking the A tour as well and visit the Tsou tribe culture village. It・s truly unique and perhaps something you probably can・t find anywhere else in the world. You should come!
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