Shei-Pa National Park

Today I'm taking you on a trip into the clouds. We・re going to Shei-Pa on the Taiwan Tour Bus.
I'm Michella. I grew up in the Silicon Valley and was a journalist in Taiwan for ten years. I like to try new things, play with new toys, and visit old places in a new way. I・m going to show you around the Taiwan that I know. I hope you・ll enjoy it as much as I do.
I・ve never used the Taiwan Tour Bus service, but I think this is a nice start. You make a reservation and the bus will pick you up at your hotel or a major train station. In the bus there・s wifi so you can get connected, and a tablet with information in English, Japanese, Korean and of course Chinese on where you・re going.
Sheipa National Park・s Guanwu recreation area is not only enchanting, but also an educationally rich ecological classroom. Enjoy the mountains, but don・t forget to protect them too.
At nearly 2,000 meters above sea level, it・s so high that we・re looking straight at the clouds and even sometimes, down at the clouds. It・s so beautiful. And the air is so crisp and clean. It・s a nice change from the city.
When it snows, the tips of those mountains over there, which are covered in fog right now are blanketed in white, and it・s supposed to be especially beautiful.
This is Yulun Trail, one of the easier ones, because it・s very short, only about 840 meters long, and it・s paved with wooden planks. If you・re looking for something slightly more challenging, you can try the Mount Jhen trail, which takes about four hours round trip. There are tougher paths still, you・ll need to apply in advance for those.
Included in the package is also a night's stay at Sheipa Leisure Farm, dinner, and breakfast the next day. The rooms are basic but cozy.
I think Shei-Pa is a place where you come to be close to nature, touch the clouds, and just space out. If they add some comfortable reading chairs and a place to cook outdoors, I think the next time I come, I'll be here for a few days. You should come.