Cycling Guanshan

We’re cycling in Guanshan today and getting a taste of their delicious rice.
This is Guanshan Train Station, and right outside the station, that way is a bike rental shop where I usually get my bike.
How do you say “I want to rent a bike?” It’s “wo yao zu tie ma.”
This bike path goes around Guanshan, and it’s 12km long. It’s about as difficult as eating a piece of pie.
There are very few ups and downs, and the scenery along the way is fantastic. There is almost an ocean of rice paddies, several streams, and a big park with a lake in it.
This is a great place to watch birds and other wildlife.
“Wan gong fan,” or “rice bowl” is what farmers used to eat in the fields. They would bring a bowl of rice, salty, greasy meat and vegetables in a basket, and then they would take it out at noon and have it for lunch.
At the “Rice School,” you can still get a taste of this very simple, local and delicious dish. The rice school is also a place where you can learn about how this staple food in Taiwan is processed.
Most rice that you'll find in Taiwan is of the medium length variety, originally from Japan. Compared to say, Indian or Thai rice, Japonica rice is firmer and stickier.
I have a friend named “Show” who lives around here. Every day she posts pictures of the rice paddies with mountains and fog rolling down them in the background. And every day, I say to myself, “oh I want to go.” Well now I'm satisfied. Look at how the rice stalks sway in the wind like the waves in the ocean. You should come.
關山之旅 騎鐵馬 嚐好米