Dongshan, Yilan

This is Dongshan River in Yilan and I want to show you what you can do around here on a bicycle.
Today we’re going to start at Dongshan Train Station, cycle along Dongshan River to Dongshan Water Park, then take a boat to the Center for Traditional Arts where you can get a glimpse of what life and culture in Taiwan was like in the last century.
But first we need a bike. You can rent one right outside the station.
There are bike paths on both banks of the river, and it’s a really easy ride.
From the train station to the Dongshan River water park, it's about 3 km. It might sound counterintuitive, but I think you should slow down so you don’t miss the scenery.
The ferry ride to the Center for Traditional Arts is NT$75 and about 15 minutes long. The Center for Traditional Arts is a fun place and nostalgic for some people too. In addition to looking at traditional architecture, you can also see how craftsmen make things like calligraphy brushes, dragon beard candy, tops that spin, those kinds of things.
I like the Dongshan River area. It’s fun and it brings back a lot of nice memories for me. In college I was on the rowing team, where I very like spent more time and energy, rather than on my studies. But I think I turned out OK. But anyway and coming here and riding along the river, watching the calm, glassy surface is just so peaceful and soothing. Maybe I should just picnic here next time. That would be nice. You should come!