Cycling Sun Moon Lake

This is Sun Moon Lake, one of my favorite place in Taiwan, and I・m going to show you today why it・s such a wonderful area to cycle in.
You can bring your own bike to Sun Moon Lake, or you can rent one here. There are several bike rental shops, but this one is my favorite so far - they have a nice selection of bikes, all in proper shape. The service is great and they・ll even give you bragging rights by way of this certificate after you finish the round-the-lake tour.
I・ve chosen a bike, similar to the same one that my dad has at home, and so off we go!
We started near the Shuishe visitor center, and we're going to go clockwise around the lake. Going this direction allows you to view the lake without the road and oncoming traffic getting in your way.
The round-the-lake route is about 30km long, and most of it is quite easy. There are a few spots where you might want to run over the head of whoever that suggested you come out on a bike, but the rest is usually pretty level and pleasant. Overall, the ride is incredibly enjoyable.
There are quite a few points of interest around the lake, and this is one of them: Wen-Wu Temple, a Taoist temple. :Wen; has to do with literature, and :Wu; has to do with war. The main deities here are Confucius, a scholar god, and Guan Gong and Yue Fei, who are warrior gods.
The views around the lake are amazing. They・re incredibly dramatic. At dawn, the fog, the mountains and the lake look like a scene out of a Chinese painting. In some places during the day, you can imagine commercials being filmed, or movies being shot there. It・s really beautiful. This 30km route has been voted one of the best places to cycle in Taiwan and in the world as well.
Every year around October and November, there is a Come! Bikeday carnival and a fireworks and music festival. During this period, there are competitive races and fun races to take part in, and lots of entertainment, so that・s a great time to visit, but any other other time is just as nice too. My dad who loves to cycle has been wanting to come here for ages, so I think I・m going to get to return here again soon. I never get tired of Sun Moon Lake. You should come!

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