Bali, New Taipei

We're in Bali, New Taipei City today and I・m taking you on a bike tour to Shihsanhang Museum.
I'm Michella. I grew up in the Silicon Valley and was a journalist in Taiwan for ten years. I like to row, cycle, and travel. I・m going to show you around the Taiwan that I know. I hope you・ll enjoy it as much as I do.
We・re at the Bali bike rental station, here, and the museum is here.
To rent a bike here, you leave your ID with the station and pay with cash or an Easypass when you come back.
There is a variety of bikes here, from kids・ bikes with training wheels to small mountain bikes, to big mountain bikes, girlie bikes and electric bikes.
During the Qing dynasty, this was a very busy port area and there were several trade companies here, 13 to be exact. People came to know this as the place with 13 companies. Thirteen in Chinese is :shisan,; and companies is :hang.; And there you have Shihsanhang.
This used to be an archaeological dig site, now it・s a museum. The museum building design itself is quite interesting. It・s in the shape of a ship, symbolizing the vessels that early settlers came on. The entrance to the museum is down that way, underground. So shall we go and dig for some history.
The earliest artifacts found at this site was from about 1,800 years ago. There were a lot of fish bones found in garbage areas, meaning people that lived here ate quite a bit of fish. And by the wear and tear of the shoulder bones, archaeologists also concluded that people rowed a lot.
I lived across the river over there in Danshui with my parents for a year and never knew that this is where civilization started in northern Taipei. I thought it would be Monga or Dadaocheng, which are near downtown Taipei. Such an interesting discovery for me! My parents still live there in Danshui, and sometimes I ride here with my dad, either across the red Guandu bridge or via the ferry. It's lively, there・s lots of food here, and it・s a nice, leisurely ride. A word of advice: make this trip on a weekday. You should come.
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