Chulu Ranch

Today I・m taking you to Taitung, where the countryside is beautiful. We・re going to Chulu Ranch, a place known for its delicious milk and where you can go off-roading on electric two-wheeled self-balancing vehicles.
One great way to get around is by Taiwan Tourist Shuttles. Today we start our journey at the Taitung Bus Station・s visitor・s center.
We want to go to Chulu Ranch, so we need to take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle East Rift Valley Line. We・re at the visitor center here and Chulu ranch is here.
You can use an Easycard or iPass to pay for the bus fare, which ranges from NT$24 to NT$120 per ride.
Taitung is on the southeastern side of Taiwan, and the East Rift Valley is the area between the central and coastal mountain ranges. Rice paddies, orchards and pastures make up most of the landscape that you see.
Chulu is most famous for its milk. Because only a limited amount is available, I get very excited when I can find milk from here in Taipei. But whether you・re a fan or just curious about how milk is produced, you can learn a lot here.
How much milk does each cow produce a day? About 20 liters. How much grass does the cow need to eat to produce all that milk? Forty to 50 kilograms. How many meals do they need to take a day to finish all that grass? Three to four. Whoa. Warm milk. So what's the difference between feeding a cow grass and grains? The cows here are fed grass and supposedly grass is more nutritious, and that・s what makes the milk taste better.
Notice the area the cows graze on is quite hilly. By making the cows graze on hilly areas, they have to walk up and down the hills, which makes them exercise. And exercise is good for health.
Taitung is a soothing kind of place. Kilometers after kilometers of open space, fields, crops, mountains, rivers and hills. I really think that a bit of this once in a while is good for health. It・s beautiful, it's fun and helps cleanse the soul. You should come.
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