Buddha Memorial Center

To achieve peace, some people prepare for war and some for transcendence. Let・s explore the latter today. I want to show you Fo Guang Shan・s Buddha Memorial Center, where people don・t go to pray, but go to get to know about Buddhism.
The Buddha Memorial Center is in Dashu, Kaohsiung. So we・re going to take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, Dashu Line. An good way to do it would be to take the Kaohsiung MRT to Dadong Station and get on the shuttle from there. Right now we・re at Dadong here and we・re going to take the shuttle down to here, the Buddha Memorial Center.
Buddhism is based on the teachings of Gautama Buddha, also known as :the Buddha,; who lived between the 4th to 6th century BCE. He was born Siddhartha Gautama, a prince, and was said would become either a great king or a great monk. His father the king was worried that his son would end up the latter, so hid all forms of suffering from him. But one day when Siddhartha snuck out of the palace, he witnessed old age, sickness and death, things that saddened him and put him on the path to seek and later to share the way of enlightenment.
This is the Buddha・s relic, one of his teeth. Some people come out here especially to see this.
The way I see Buddhism and the process of enlightenment is, you study and learn and understand. Twenty-sixK And meditate to transcend and detach. There are several ways to meditate. Some do it by sitting quietly, some people by making repetitive motions like practicing kung fu at Shaolin Temple, some do it by making and drinking tea. Today I'm going to do it by transcribing sutra.
This is my first time in Dashu and in the Buddha Memorial Center. And I'm really happy that we got to make this trip because I・ve always been curious about Buddhism. This time, I learned a little bit about the religion, about meditation, achieving inner peace and facing my fears. So I think it・s been quite educational. I・m really happy. You should come.
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