Tainan Confucius Temple

Welcome to Tainan, the oldest city of Taiwan. Here you'll find the oldest public school, which is housed inside the oldest Confucius Temple or “kongmiao,” on the island.
I want to take you on a walking tour today. But we can cheat a little and take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, 88 Anping Route part of the way.
We're at Tainan Train Station and Confucius Temple is here.
Taiwan Tourist Shuttles are great, they take you to tourist attractions. If you don't know where you want to go, get a brochure and figure it out on the bus.
This is Confucius Temple, which has a three-star Michelin Green Guide rating, which means you probably don’t want to miss it.
Tainan was once a Dutch colony used for trade, but after Koxinga, a Chinese official, drove them out in 1661, the Chinese government decided to develop the area. To foster culture and education, they built this Confucian temple and schoolhouse in 1665.
Schoolhouses were often attached to Confucian temples. This school was more like a college or a graduate school.
Now we’re headed for “Shennong Jie,” Shennong Street, where it’s especially nostalgic at night. The area was kind of like Venice, where there are canals that people went up and down in small boats.
This are used to be a very busy business district, but now it’s developing into a quiet, cafe, artsy sort of area. Might not seem like much during the day, but makes for a nice after dinner stroll.
Tainan is one of those places that I keep coming back to. It keeps reinventing itself, but bringing back some of the history which has been lost. The wonderful thing about traveling here is that most of the places you’d want to go are within walking distance, and with the tourist shuttle bus, you can save time and go even further. I love Tainan and you might too. You should come.
歷史之旅 台南孔廟.神農街