Cijin, Kaohsiung

What do you do when you want to see the ocean and hear the crash of its waves when you're in Kaohsiung? Just hop on the MRT. Today I'm going to show you around Cijin.
We’re at Central Park Station, and in order to get to Cijin, we need to take the orange line to Sizihwan. There’s this special ticket set that you can get which includes the fare of the MRT and the ferry, and a discount on bike rentals, but I'm going to stick to my iPass, because it works on the MRT and at convenience stores.
If you get the package, this is the bike rental place that will give you a discount but there are lots of options to get around, including public bikes and electric scooters.
From here we take the ferry, which is just down the street.
“Qi” in Cijin means “flag,” and “jin” has to do with “water.” From the air, this little area of land looks like a flag, which were triangular in the old days.
The lighthouse on Cijin is a national historical site. From here, you can see the city and the harbor. I think it’s quite lovely.
Because of its strategic location, a battery, lighthouse and network of tunnels were built here.
It's so dark in here, really mysterious. I feel super adventurous today. This is great.
This is an old bunker, soldiers used to look out through here and see if enemy is approaching. Da-da-da-da-da-da.
Cijin is where it all began for Kaohsiung. This is where explorers from China first came and settled. In fact, this was the point of entry for a lot of people, including missionaries, who brought not only Western religion, but modern medicine as well. The first church and hospital in Taiwan were here in Cijin.
I like Kaohsiung because it’s a big city, yet it’s laid back. There's history, culture and nature, and so much of it is accessible via the metro. It’s convenient. You should come.
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