Ciaotou, Kaohsiung

How about some art, history and music today? Let・s go to the Ten Drum Culture Village in Kaohsiung.
We are here at Formosa Boulevard and Ten Drum is along the red line, inside the old Sugar Refinery at Ciaotou. San Francisco has Clipper cards for its public transportation system, and Kaohsiung has the iPass. You beep in and out of train stations with this and you can even use this at convenience stores, so it's super, super handy.
The card is NT$100 and you have to charge it; credit can also refunded when you don't need the card anymore.
We got on at Formosa Boulevard - this station was voted one of the most beautiful stations in the world.
This is called :Dome of Light; and tells the story of life with 4,500 pieces of glass, and is one of the world・s largest public glass works of art.
This is the old Ciaotou sugar refinery, it was the first modern sugar refinery in Taiwan, set up in the early 20th century during the Japanese occupation and made sugar for 97 years.
It closed down in 1999 and now they're trying to revive it as an arts and culture park.
This place is pretty big, so you might want to rent a bike. There・s a bike rental and Ten Drum show tickets package here that・s a pretty good deal.
Ten Drums is a traditional Chinese drum percussion group. Their work has been nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Traditional World Music category. Here they have shows every morning and afternoon that I personally like quite a bit.
Both the Ten Drums Culture Village and this old sugar refinery at first sight may not seem like much. But if you take time explore, it might start to grow on you. This sugar refinery was shut down for more than ten years, and it・s in the process of resurrecting and finding a new identity. It・s interesting to be part of the process I think, and it・s interesting times for this place. You should come.
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