Maokong Taipei

Let・s go to Maokong to have some tea. It in the mountains right on the edge of Taipei.
We・re at Sungshan Airport Station now, so we need to hop on the brown line, or line number 1 to the zoo, then get on the Maokong Gondola from there. And I have an Easycard with me, so it・s going to be easy peasy.
There are five lines in the Taipei MRT network, and they・re labeled by color and number. The lower the number, the older the line. The brown line being number 1, is the oldest.
If you don・t have a big fear of heights, I recommend getting into one of these clear bottom cars. When you look straight down at what・s beneath you, it's really, really different. Everything looks round and really cute. You can see how they grow in radiating clusters. But anyway, I like to go up to Maokong during the day, in the afternoon, and then come back down after it gets dark because the view at night and during the day are very, very different and both are definitely worth looking at.
Maokong used to be Taipei・s largest tea producing area. It's not anymore, but people still come up here to have tea and enjoy the peace.
In Taiwanese, :Maokong; :jiaokang; means :potholes.; The potholes on the ground were carved out by a river that runs through the area. There are a few trails down there that you can hike up, but I prefer skateboarding up.
Tieguanyin is the specialty tea in Maokong. It・s a oolong tea that is highly fermented, almost like black tea, so the taste is quite strong. You don't need that many tea leaves per pot, and you can make several pots with the same batch of leaves.
Sometimes I come up to Maokong when I want to get away from the city but not be too far away. It・s just a short ride from the zoo, yet it・s like another world. It・s peaceful, it's romantic. You should come.
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