Xiangshan Taipei

Today I・m taking you hiking. We・re going up Xiangshan, which has one of the best views of Taipei.
I'm Michella. I grew up in the Silicon Valley and was a journalist in Taiwan for ten years. I like to run, grow hydroponic food and travel. I・m going to show you around the Taiwan that I know. I hope you・ll enjoy it as much as I do.
So we・re at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall station and we want to take the red line all the way past Taipei 101 to the last stop on the line: Xiangshan. The fare is NT$25.
Can I have an Easycard, please?
If you・re going to be in Taipei for at least a couple of days, you・ll probably want to get an Easycard, which you can add credit to, and even get back what you don・t use up before you leave. And you get a discount on every ride, too.
The entrance to the trail is that way, about a 7 minute walk.
Xiangshan literally means :Elephant Mountain.; From a distance, it looks like an elephant・s head and trunk. You have to use your imagination. Try really hard.
The loop is about 2.8k, which you can walk in 2 1/2 hours.
That's a squirrel! A huge storm just passed through yesterday so the air is especially clean today. There are a lot of nice things about Xiangshan. It・s practically downtown, right outside of an MRT station, and (the trails) are paved with slabs of stone, which makes it friendly for hikers of all ages.
At night, the view is even better. This is where people come to take pictures of the new year・s eve fireworks. The crazy ones camp out here for days for the :best; angle.
Back on the red line, this is Dongmen Station - a place that has some famous Taiwanese food.
I・ve lived in San Francisco, LA and Tokyo. Now I call Taipei :home,; and I really like it here. The food is good, (and have) really reasonable prices. I feel safe. The metro, busses and public bicycles in the city make getting around really, really easy. It・s convenient, it's nice. You should come.
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