Hakka Town Meinong

What's on the other side of the frog?
It’s obvious.
Yeah it’s so obvious I want you to tell me.
Baby frogs!
Cedric, welcome to Meinong, Kaohsiung, one of the best place in Taiwan to get to know Hakka culture.
Here in Taiwan, the two main ethnic groups are the Minnan, who speak Taiwanese, and the Hakka, who speak, well, Hakka.
Meinong was a tobacco producing town, and still is today.
Ah so this is how they used to dry the tobacco leaves on big, tall racks like these! So Minnan people immigrated to Taiwan in the 1600’s and they settled near the coast, on the plains.
And when the Hakka came about a hundred years later, they were forced to live near or in the mountains like here in Meinong. And they're a very special group of people who make it a point to stick to tradition, and I think for those reasons, they were able to very well preserve Hakka and Chinese culture in general.
Yeah, for example they still have these furnaces in Meinong and they used those to burn papers with writings on them because they consider literacy as holy.
So they don't just throw (paper) away like garbage.
No, they burn them and send them to the other world.
When a Hakka family builds a new home, the first room that they build is the ancestral worship hall, which is this, and it's also the tallest point of the house.
And very often there is a half moon shaped pond in front of the house. Because if you look at the house from a certain high point of view, it also looks like a half moon shape, so two half moons make a circle, which is a good omen. And very often too, there is a mound of dirt at the back of the house whose purpose is to bring descendants.
And one other really special thing about Meinong is the paper umbrellas they have here.
I know you like those and you have a few of those!
Very traditional, they’re water resistant and hard to resist!
I think Meinong is an interesting place. They have a different tongue and a different culture. Even different food.
You should come.
美濃好好玩 純樸客家村