Changhua socks

Ready, set, sock!
Cedric, Changhua is the sock capital of Taiwan. This factory produces socks for most of the major athletic brands for socks that you and I have ever seen.
Wow, that doesn・t sock. And you know, most of it is for export. But actually, 75% of Taiwanese people wear socks that were made in this town.
And factories like this one are opening up their doors to visitors to tell the story of how cotton is turned into socks.
And not just cotton, metal too. More on that later.
First cotton is made into yarn, then fed through the sock knitting machine. Then you crank it like this. Here, you try.
It's really is knitting. It goes into a circle, and comes out as a sock tube! But are you sure it・s safe to touch those machines? They look pretty old.
They・re over 50 years old, but the owner of this factory actually started out as a knitting machine mechanic, so he・s not afraid of things breaking down. He・ll just fix it.
So I will just sock away. Sock like the wind.
So out comes the sock tube, right? Then people will go into their front yards in their home factories and they would sew the toe part closed from the inside, then flip it back out like this. And here comes the sock.
Exactly. And then the sock would go on these metal boards to be molded into shape. And in the old days, these would then go into a sauna.
It doesn't suck to be a sock.
These days not only are there socks to cover your feet, but they also have socks that exfoliate.
Ah, that's what these are for.
They also have socks that make your feet less tired, and the ones I・m wearing now are socks that will prevent your feet from stinking. Not that I would need those because my feet smell like roses. There are silver threads mixed with the cotton of the socks.
And that deodorizes everything. I see. All of this is just so incredible, and they even have sock puppet DIYs too.
Now that is cool.
So you should come.