Anytime for Taiwan

Someone is giving away NT$2 million to non-Taiwanese passport holders. Michael, you interested?
Very interested. How do I need to kill?
Hopefully nobody. It・s the Tourism Bureau・s :Anytime for Taiwan; video contest.
Wow, sounds wonderful. NT$2 million, huh? But it・s just not enough for the liposuction I need.
Come on, you don・t need liposuction in your stomach. You can get it in yourK
Don・t say anything else!
What do I have to do for these videos?
The videos have to be under five minutes long, showcasing something really, really cool about Taiwan, like the Chiou Tian folk religion performance group.
What makes them so cool? What do they do?
Well, you get to explain that. So for example, you can show how interesting and special their performances and culture are, and then go on to explain how they rehabilitate dropouts into normal, very disciplined kids who can make money the proper way to be able to, for example, buy themselves Harleys. I・m getting my face painted.
No no no, I・m going to have my face painted.
You・re going to film us getting our face painted.
You・re the professional here. I think you should film me.
No, I・m here with this group of visiting students experiencing theK
No, I・m the pretty face in this relationship, I should get my face painted.
Don・t you want your NT$2 million?
Oh that・s right.
You know, I looked it up on the Internet (Youtube), you just need to upload your video with the keywords "Anytime for Taiwan,; and then for everyone who likes your video, they give you NT$1, up to the cost of the plane ticket to Taiwan. It's really amazing. And if you win the grand prize, you get a round trip ticket around the world.
So you・re going to vote for me, right?
Of course, my friend. But if you first promise not to edit me out, and two let me take off this paint.
Look at that face. You are going out right away. There・s NT$2 million at stake. Look, get down there and click that like, right now.
I forgot makeup remover.
They・ve got something here. Try a loofah or maybe they have sandpaper.
We・ll try that on your face first. Exfoliate.
Look at this beautiful, soft skin. I spend millions on this each year.
Come on, let・s get that video done.
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