Tiehua Village

Handwoven hats. Hats made by Kakawasan women. 100% handmade. Go ahead and adjust it. This one is pretty good too.
Welcome to Tiehua Village in downtown Taitung.
What can I do in Tiehua Village?
Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, you can come here to listen to live bands play, get something to drink, something to eat and go shopping for locally food and handmade products like this. How do you like my new hat?
This was made by a lady in Kakawasan. What about this? Just finished today. We helped.
Kakawasan Village is an Amis village, and a lot of the women get together here in their activities center to weave things.
You・re quick.
Really? All knotted up. How long does it take to make a hat?
From picking the leaves in the mountains to finishing the hat, about a week.
How many women weave here?
Over ten. Before I started weaving here, I had a regular job and didn・t have much time to take care of my kids.
How much more time do you have with your kids now?
They can come find me here any time. Because I・m in the village all the time, I can better take care of them. Weaving hats has helped a lot of women in the village.
Since the first time I came to Tiehua Village, it・s changed quite a bit. They・ve changed the road in front of the village into a pedestrian walkway, they・ve increased the number of street vendors they have here and I was really pleasantly surprised this time because everything that they sold here was quite interesting to me.
It・s all locally made, which was refreshing. It doesn・t come from a factory somewhere in Changhua. It・s from right up the road in some aboriginal community. It・s really great to see that, and the people who sell it are actually the people who make it and who are getting the benefit. It・s been a wonderful time in Taitung. All this growth and all this action and all this fun. It・s really been a pleasure.
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