Green Island

What are those fish with the zebra stripes? They・ve got zebra stripes going up and down.
Those are the referees.
Hello from snorkeling and diving paradise, Green Island.
Everyday Green Island gets 5,000-6,000 tourists, and that has a huge impact on the environment.
So some businesses are making an effort to go green by doing away with disposable chopsticks, bowls and plates, or making salt and oil free bread to feed fish during the snorkeling trips.
Not only do they do that. They also give you these wonderful electric motorcycles.
They say this is one of the best diving spots in the world. Oh is that an eel? It・s black, but it・s...
That・s my foot.
Get out of the shot!
Look when you feed them, they all come over. Hundreds of different kinds. I・ve never seen so many fish in one place.
We used to feed the fish with bread, but bread contains artificial additives and things like oil, which is bad for the ocean. Now we pick seaweed and use artificial additive-free flour to make bread for fish.
It・s beautiful down here. I see coral, I see fish, I see anemone. Oh my god, the coral - there are so many different kinds. There are coral that look like fungus, mushrooms you would see in a fancy restaurant, a humongous brain, the top of an octopus; you name, they have it down there.
These shells are for hermit crabs to pick up and to move into. The reason why hermit crabs need new homes and that they・re so short of homes is because visitors come here and pick shells to take home as souvenirs. So we・ll leave these here tonight, and tomorrow morning, let・s see how many are left.
This one・s mine! 1299!
Mine was so popular it disappeared right away.
The hermit crab bit was fantastic. The snorkeling was amazing. Usually you see three fish, we saw 3,000. When you think of Green Island, you think of that area where there is all of that shops. But really, it・s so beautiful. The coast line is like California. It・s just fantastic.

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